Monday, 17 June 2013

Hope not Hate: vile activist.

                    Stuart Hall: Child Abuser, Labour  Party Member 
                                 and Hope not Hate Activist Jailed

 Stuart Hall: Child Molester

Now here is something you might not have known and is being deliberately kept rather quiet. It turns out that BBC child sex offender Stuart Hall, who today was jailed for 15 months for 14 counts of indecent assault, with his youngest victim aged just nine years old, was a prominent member of the Labour Party.

Here we see the disgraced former BBC North West newsreader photographed in Stalybridge Labour Club in Tameside just last summer with anti-BNP campaigner and Labour MP Jonathan Reynolds together with his predecessor Lord Pendry.


Hall along with activist from Hope not Hate helped distribute thousands of pieces of anti-BNP literature on  behalf of the Labour party. 

Nick £owles remains quiet
Will, Nick £owles now come out and condemn the child sex offender Stuart Hall, or will he stay quiet in the hope it will all blow over.
                                                        Full report in link below.


Anonymous said...

Everytime there's a nonce in the papers hope not hate are there also.

Anonymous said...
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clare Lowles said...

Hope Not Hate are collaborating with paedophiles. That's disgusting. Why won't my Nick condemn this?

Don Bones-matik said...

Nick doesn't collaborate with no one.

clare Lowles said...

@ Don Bones.

My Nick's a paedo defender, i must admit the truth. I will turn to fatty Collins for comfort.

Anonymous said...

Lowles takes it up the rectum just look at him he's bent as a two-bob note.As for fatty twaty Collins he's bent as well it's a well known fact he was being fucked up the backside by Ian Anderson the former NF chairman who was gay fatty twaty Collins use to stay over at his gaff on many occasions I once witnessed Ian Anderson pulling his pants and coming out of his back bedroom when I went to his gaff to collect some leaflets fatty twaty was in that back bedroom I disturbed them while they were at it,pair of poofs.

Joe,south London ex NF from the 90s.

clare Lowles said...

Fatty Collins has been busy writing a book about his time as a nationalist. We all know its unstable Gable who really wrote it.

Why anyone would want to read what these to prostitutes have to say is beyond me.

Soon to be found in the bargain bin in the pound shop.